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About White Collar Criminal Defense

Charles Burnham, Esq. and Eugene Gorokhov, Esq. from Burnham & Gorokhov, PLLC share their insights on defending white collar criminal charges such as public corruption and fraud. You may find more information about White Collar Criminal Charges.  

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Our Approach to White Collar Cases

Attorneys Eugene Gorokhov and Charles Burnham discuss their approach to white collar cases, including possible outcomes, deciding when to meet with the government, and other common questions. You may find more information about White Collar Criminal Defense.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Federal Money Laundering Charges and Penalties

Money laundering charges: What is money laundering? We are experienced Federal Money Laundering Defense Attorneys in Washington, DC. Although many people think of money laundering simply making convoluted financial transactions to conceal the origin of funds obtained from criminal activity, the federal criminal money laundering laws cover a far broader range of conduct involving criminally derived property. Federal criminal money

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Understanding Proffer Agreements and Proffer Sessions

This video discusses proffer agreements and proffer sessions, including the provisions of a proffer agreement, preparation for proffer session, what to expect during a proffer session, and the strategy behind proffers. You may learn more by reading Understanding Proffers in Federal and White Collar Criminal Cases: Frequently Asked Questions.

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