Notable Cases

  • Health Care Fraud Case: Not guilty verdict on charges of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and mail fraud, and conspiracy to violate the anti-kickback statute. The government charged our client with conspiring to defraud Medicaid, and with receiving illegal kickbacks for the recruitment of patients to a DC dental practice. After a three-week trial in federal court in Maryland, the jury acquitted our client of both charges after one day of deliberations.
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  • Compassionate Release: Burnham & Gorokhov has significantly reduced many defendants’ sentences on compassionate release. For example, Burnham & Gorokhov helped Ahmad Linton to reduce a sentence for murder – which Mr. Linton maintains he never committed – from life to thirty years. [read more]  Burnham & Gorokhov obtained a similar sentence reduction, from life to thirty years, for Warren Hill.
  • Reversal on Appeal:  Represented defendant on appeal in the Fourth Circuit and obtained a reversal of his sentence based on government’s breach of the plea agreement as well as district court’s failure to consider all mitigating arguments at sentencing.
  • Jury Acquittal: Defendant individual charged with conspiracy to commit access device fraud and wire fraud in the Eastern District of Virginia.  Argued to the jury that the evidence pointed to another individual as the perpetrator of the acts charged against our client, resulting in a verdict of acquittal.
  • Federal Charges Dismissed: Represented individual in the Western District of Michigan charged with participation in multimillion-dollar wire fraud scheme. Filed extensive pretrial motions including Motion to Suppress Tainted Evidence and Motion to Recuse the Prosecutor as Material Witness. All charges dismissed pretrial after more than 14 months of litigation.
  • Accused Spy Released On Time Served: Represented accused Russian spy in the Southern District of New York. Client released on time served in a history-making spy exchange, the largest such exchange since the end of the Cold War.
  • No Charges Filed In Federal Investigation: Represented subject of a highly publicized federal securities fraud investigation in the Eastern District of Virginia. No charges filed after our attorneys met with prosecutors and investigating agents.
  • Jury Acquittal: Defended individual charged with felony assault on a law enforcement officer at jury trial in Virginia. Argued to the jury that the defendant was justified in his actions due to law enforcement’s use of illegal and excessive force in arresting him, resulting in an acquittal by the jury.
  • Federal Charges Dismissed: Represented businessman charged in the largest individual prosecution in the history of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. All charges dismissed pretrial after more than two years of litigation.
  • Federal Charges Dismissed: Represented individual charged with drug offenses in Eastern District of Virginia. Filed motions challenging the legality of the government’s seizure of property and illegal interrogation of defendant. All charges dismissed pretrial and motion for return of property seized during search of defendant’s vehicle granted in its entirety over government’s objection.
  • Federal Charges Dismissed: All charges dropped against our client, who was charged with conspiracy to distribute Oxycodone, cocaine, and morphine.
  • Six-Figure Award: Obtained $436,640 arbitration award (including substantial award for lost profits) in commercial dispute with a contractor who refused to return a $25,000 deposit for an incomplete software project. None of the contractor’s counterclaims against our client survived judgment.
  • Defense Jury Verdict And Pretrial Dismissal: On two occasions agreed to defend prison inmates facing civil commitment under Virginia’s notorious Sexually Violent Predator Act. Won both cases — the first via pretrial dismissal and the second via one of the only defense jury verdicts in the history of the law.
  • Petition Granted: The Supreme Court of Virginia made the rare decision to hear our petition for pretrial writ of habeas corpus on speedy trial grounds. The issue was moot before the court could decide the case when our lawyers prevailed at trial.
  • Decision Reversed: District Court granted an order to involuntarily medicate our client, who was found incompetent to stand trial. On appeal, the 4th Circuit reversed and remanded the involuntary medication order because the government had not shown the unavailability of less intrusive means.

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