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Attorney Defense Before the DC Board of Professional Responsibility

Defending Your License to Practice Law in Washington DC

Burnham & Gorokhov has experience representing fellow attorneys facing disciplinary charges or undergoing investigations of professional misconduct before the Washington DC Board on Professional Responsibility. Our firm provides clients with a strategic approach aimed at achieving a favorable resolution.

Lawyers invest years to earn the privilege of practicing law. Maintaining good moral character and judgment is crucial post-licensure. In a city like Washington DC, where politics are always in play, it is not uncommon for a veteran and seasoned attorney to get caught in the crosshairs of an opposing party’s interests. If you are under investigation or need to defend a claim before the Board of Professional Responsibility, seeking the assistance of an experienced license defense lawyer is paramount.

Potential Triggers for Disciplinary Investigations

Attorneys are obligated to represent their clients with skill and care. Allegations of misconduct can trigger disciplinary investigations, potentially jeopardizing both license and reputation. The Washington DC Board on Professional Responsibility oversees the practice of law and investigates allegations of misconduct

It’s essential to clarify that an unfavorable case outcome doesn’t automatically constitute malpractice. However, attorneys bear the responsibility of acting in their clients’ best interests and maintaining professionalism throughout the legal process. The Board may investigate actions indicating a lack of morality. A local license defense attorney can assist the accused in evaluating and responding appropriately and effectively to these claims.

Defending Attorney’s License to Practice in DC

The Board on Professional Responsibility wields broad powers to investigate and penalize rule violations. Penalties may include fines, mandatory ethics classes, or even a retake of the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE). In severe cases, an attorney may face license suspension or revocation.

Upon receiving a complaint, the accused attorney can file an official response. If the Board deems it necessary, informal sessions may be held to resolve the dispute. Unsuccessful talks lead to a formal hearing, during which the accused attorney can present witnesses, evidence, and cross-examine those testifying. Experienced legal representation plays a crucial role in negotiating settlements or challenging allegations during formal hearings before the Board of Professional Responsibility.

Legal Representation to Defend Your License to Practice Law

If you are an attorney under investigation by the Board of Professional Responsibility, swift action is crucial to protect your reputation and your profession. A negative outcome most likely will result in a formal reprimand or worse, an order to terminate your practice of law. A strong defense is instrumental in countering charges and allegations. Burnham & Gorokhov offers a neutral evaluation of the case, and will provide an appropriate course of action. Contact us today to schedule a case evaluation.

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