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Can I raise an entrapment defense to my federal criminal charge?

The “entrapment defense” is a legal concept that many people have at least a passing familiarity with. At the same time, there is much confusion about what this defense actually consists of. The entrapment defense, while potentially powerful, is much narrower than many people realize. Here we discuss the history of this defense and its practical applications.

The Origins of the Entrapment Defense

Prior to 1932 there was confusion in the federal courts about whether the so-called entrapment defense existed at all. If a person voluntarily commits a criminal act, some judges wondered, why should it matter if government agents … Read More »

Superlawyers 2020

Attorneys Charles Burnham and Eugene Gorokhov have been named to SuperLawyers for Washington, DC.. The award is limited to the top 5% of lawyers in a jurisdiction. Thank you!