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Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys in the Alexandria Division of the Eastern District of Virginia

If you are facing a federal criminal charge or federal criminal investigation in the jurisdiction of the US District Court in Alexandria, Virginia, you need an attorney who is experienced with the Alexandria federal district court.

Albert V. Bryan U.S. Courthouse,
Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA)
401 Courthouse Square
Alexandria, VA 22314

Experienced Federal Defense Attorneys in Alexandria, Virginia

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We have successfully represented numerous clients in Virginia’s federal courts. We are experienced in:

Unique Aspects of the Alexandria Federal Court

Speedy disposition of cases in the Eastern District of Virginia

Cases move quickly.  There is a good reason why this court is often referred to as the “rocket docket.”  Unlike many courts in the country, the judges in the Alexandria Division believe in and enforce the expeditious processing of cases.  Although continuances are granted for good cause, judges in the Eastern District of Virginia do not normally allow numerous delays or lengthy delays of the trial.  In practical terms, this means that it is crucial to be represented by an Alexandria federal criminal lawyer who has experience in working under the strict deadlines and time constraints that apply.

Formality of the Alexandria federal court

The Alexandria division tends to be more formal than other courts.  Lawyers are held to a high standard, both in terms of preparation and in terms of decorum. Attorneys are expected to be ready and organized so that proceedings can move along swiftly and efficiently.  Lawyers are expected to know the formal (and informal) procedures of the court, and failing to follow these procedures can be particularly harmful when it matters most: in front of a jury at trial.  The defense attorneys at Burnham & Gorokhov, PLLC have litigated many cases in the Alexandria division of the Eastern District of Virginia federal court, and they have intimate knowledge of the court’s procedures and rules.

Sentencing procedure and practice in Alexandria federal court

Experienced federal attorneys who practice in the Eastern District of Virginia’s Alexandria federal court know that the judges there are fiercely independent when it comes to imposing sentences in criminal cases.  In addition to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, judges look closely at many other factors about a defendant’s life and background in determining what sentence to impose.  They do not hesitate to impose sentences outside the Guidelines range, and often below the Guidelines, where the facts merit it.  Here, it is invaluable to have an Alexandria federal criminal attorney who is knowledgeable about the court’s sentencing procedures, and one who has an understanding of what each judge on the court considers important in sentencing individuals who have been convicted of federal offenses.  This knowledge, combined with effective representation, could mean the difference between a sentence of years and a sentence of months, or a sentence of prison and a sentence of probation or home confinement.

Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys in the Eastern District of Virginia

Here are some of the recent cases our attorneys have handled in the Alexandria federal court:

  • Secured “Not Guilty” jury verdict for defendant charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and access device fraud.
  • Successfully represented lead defendant in a large-scale RICO conspiracy case.
  • Successfully represented CPA in a major fraud investigation resulting in no charges filed.
  • Successfully represented bank official accused of making fraudulent loans resulting in no charges filed.
  • Obtained probationary sentence for business owner charged with federal firearms offenses.
  • Obtained probationary sentence and misdemeanor conviction for defendant originally charged with felony conspiracy to impersonate a diplomat and produce false identification documents.

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