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Information About Specific White Collar Crimes

As part of our white collar crimes practice, we have represented individuals charged with:

What are White Collar Crimes?

The FBI defines white collar crimes as “illegal acts that are characterized by fraud, concealment, or a violation of trust and are not dependent upon the application or threat of physical force or violence.”  While white collar crimes may be violations of federal and state law, many, if not most, serious white collar crimes are prosecuted in federal court.

The federal government expends significant resources in the investigation and prosecution of white collar crimes.  Oftentimes, these cases are handled by senior and experienced federal prosecutors.  An effective defense to white collar criminal charges, especially those in federal court, requires the assistance of a skilled and experienced white collar crimes attorney.  To learn more about white collar crimes, please see “White Collar Crimes: Frequently Asked Questions.”

Defending White Collar Criminal Charges

The defense of white collar crimes has special challenges that distinguish it from the defense of ordinary street crimes.  Bail or pretrial release is often possible in a white collar case.  White collar crimes often involve voluminous “discovery” or evidence, which must be carefully reviewed.  White collar cases also often involve expert testimony from various specialized industries and disciplines, such as accounting, medicine, banking, real estate, construction, etc.  There may be nuanced legal issues, such as whether the charged conduct falls within the definition of the crime, or what intent the government must prove and whether this is sufficient under the facts.  To learn more about the differences between white collar cases and other criminal cases, see “Defending White Collar Criminal Cases.”  For all of these reasons, it is important to work with an experienced and thorough white collar crimes attorney.

Our Approach to White Collar Cases

As much as we love a good trial, we know that for most of our clients, the best outcome in a white collar case is one where the client is never charged.  There are several important factors that enable us to consistently achieve this outcome:

First, it is important for the attorney to be involved as early as possible. The longer an investigation continues, the more likely the prosecutor is to become firmly convinced of a set point of view. A white collar attorney’s early involvement allows the client an opportunity to convince the prosecutor to drop the case or pursue lesser charges.

Second, it takes a fair amount of judgment and experience to be able to decide when it is in the client’s best interest to meet with the government. We have had back to back cases involving identical charges. In one case, we met with the government early and managed to persuade the prosecutor to dismiss the case. In the second case, we decided to not meet with the prosecutor, and also managed to get the case dismissed.

Third, it is important to thoroughly investigate the facts and the law in each and every case. In one of our recent cases, we discovered through our investigation that one of the law enforcement agents on the case committed a serious breach of law and ethics. Based on this discovery, we persuaded the prosecution to dismiss the charge against our client.

We pride ourselves on treating each case as unique, on working hard to achieve the best result for our clients, and on making sure that each of our client gets the defense he or she deserves.

Experienced White Collar Crimes Attorneys

We routinely represent individuals charged with white collar crimes at all stages of the criminal process. Whether you have received a target letter, been subpoenaed to produce documents, testify before a grand jury, or answer questions posed by government agents; or if your home or place of business has been searched by the government; or if you have been formally charged with a crime, it is crucial to secure an experienced white collar crimes attorney to protect your rights and interests. The advice that you receive and the steps that you take in the early stages of an investigation or prosecution can have an enormous impact on the outcome, and on your rights.

Our attorneys have the experience to deal with individuals, businesses, and institutions in white collar criminal cases.  We know how to handle expert witnesses working for the defense, and how to challenge expert witnesses working for the prosecution.  We have worked on cases involving voluminous and complex documents, and have presented aggressive and thorough legal and factual defenses. We take pride in the results we have achieved for our clients.

If you have been charged with, or are under investigation for, a white collar criminal offense, contact us today to schedule a free phone consultation.

Legal Representation for Individuals Under Investigation 

Our white collar crimes practice frequently involves legal representation for individuals who are not formally charged, but are targets, subjects, or witnesses of a criminal investigation.  In our experience, the criminal investigation stage is often the stage when we have the greatest opportunity for creative lawyering to head off a criminal charge, or at least significantly limit the severity of the charge and potential sentence, for our clients.  For example, a successful proffer by an experienced white collar crimes attorney may be able to entirely stave off a charge when the prosecutor is still uncertain about your guilt, and has not made a final decision to seek indictment.

While this stage is extremely important in a criminal case, it is often overlooked by clients who think that they do not need an attorney until they have been charged with a crime. Read our article “Federal Investigations: What Everyone Should Know” to learn more about criminal investigations by the federal government.

If you know that you are under investigation for a crime, especially a white collar crime, do not wait to consult an attorney until you have been charged.  The earlier you obtain a qualified and competent attorney to represent you, the greater the likelihood that your attorney will be able to make a difference and obtain a favorable outcome in your case.