Case Evaluations for Habeas Petitions and other post conviction remedies

Under Investigation or
Charged with a Federal Crime?

We offer a Free Case Evaluation

Although rarely granted, petitions for a writ of habeas corpus and other post conviction remedies are an important part of the American justice system, and have been responsible for many dramatic exonerations and sentence reductions.

Post conviction cases are often more complex than the original case in terms of investigation, discovery and legal issues.  For these reasons, we offer prospective clients a reduced-cost case evaluation before charging the full fee for a post conviction case.  Our evaluation will tell you what potential issues you can raise post conviction, our estimate of the chances of success, and the estimated cost for the full representation.  This information will help you make the best decision possible as to whether pursuing post conviction relief is in your best interest.

If you are interested in retaining us for a post conviction evaluation, please download this case evaluation form and return it to us.  After reviewing your information we can discuss the case in more detail, including the cost of the evaluation, which will depend on amount of material to review and whether a prison visit is required.

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