Embezzlement is a type of theft crime. It involves the unlawful conversion or disposition of property entrusted under the defendant’s care. A classic example of embezzlement is a cashier who takes money out of the cash register each night, without his or her employer’s knowledge, and uses the money for his or her own purpose.

Embezzlement can be prosecuted as a state or federal crime, depending on the property that was taken and the identity of the victim. The potential penalties for embezzlement can vary greatly, depending on whether it was prosecuted as a state offense or a federal offense, and the specific statute involved.

Embezzlement can occur in organizations, but it can also occur between individuals. A fraudulent moneymaking scheme may be considered embezzlement, for example. We can represent you in cases involving:

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Religious organizations
  • Employers
  • The government
  • Family members
  • Clients

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