Although the penalties for misdemeanors are less severe than those for felonies, misdemeanor convictions can have serious ramifications on your life, reputation, and career. For this reason, our lawyers represent clients facing misdemeanor charges with the same creativity and vigor as they would if the client were facing a serious felony charge. Here are some examples of successful results we have achieved in misdemeanor cases:

  • Represented local restaurateur charged in Virginia state court with DUI second offense with elevated blood alcohol content (BAC), which carries mandatory jail. After turning down a plea offer to an amended charge of DUI first with no jail, we tried the case to a jury. Found not guilty
  • Represented local architect charged in Virginia state court with DUI and refusal to take a Breathalyzer test. Found not guilty in jury trial
  • Evidence suppressed and case dismissed in prosecution for PCP possession in D.C. Superior Court
  • Represented transgender individual charged in prostitution sting operation by D.C. police. Charge dismissed pretrial
  • Represented parent charged with assault and attempted second-degree child cruelty based on incident at D.C. charter school. All charges dismissed by the government midtrial
  • Represented U.S. Marine and Iraq War veteran facing firearms charge in Virginia state court. Charges dismissed following treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Represented senior federal government lawyer charged in D.C. Superior Court with DUI and leaving the scene of a collision. Dismissed with prejudice after almost a year of litigation
  • Represented Reagan National Airport supervisor charged with assaulting a subordinate. Not guilty
  • Counseled numerous individuals with government security clearances facing misdemeanor charges